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Ghost in the Shell - Shelling Sequence 02

This is a small selection of work I created early on in the project conceptualising the shelling sequence. Working closely with my friend Ben Hawker, we tried to reference the original film's procedure, aesthetic, and metaphorical content as much as we could without being overly derivative.

Jeremy hanna jeremy hanna shelling reveal p03 jh

Ben and I thought the entire process should occur submerged in liquids of various densities. The Major's body would be constructed as it rose toward the surface, only upon completion would she emerge from the water.

Jeremy hanna 522 brain seating jh

A single point of light rises from behind a dark, domed horizon. We wanted to open the sequence with a somewhat abstract image; objects of unknown scale closing in on each other, eventually revealed as a human brain entering a prosthetic skull.

Jeremy hanna screenshot 02

Still from the final film