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Ghost in the Shell - Shelling Sequence 01

This is a small selection of work I created early on in the project conceptualising the shelling sequence. Working closely with my friend Ben Hawker, we tried to reference the original film's procedure, aesthetic, and metaphorical content as much as we could without being overly derivative.

Jeremy hanna rising blue

We thought it would be interesting to reveal the red-robed technicians from the original sequence with a dramatic shift in lighting. First, the red material would absorb the blue light, allowing them to observe the process in the cover of darkness...

Jeremy hanna rising red

...Until a red warning light reveals their voyeuristic presence.

Jeremy hanna entering reflection
Jeremy hanna echo 01 wip

We wondered about using acoustic resonance to organise the liquid dermis at a cellular level. The body would be blasted with different audio frequencies as it is 'tuned' to resemble the major (hence the vibration dampening baffles in the background).

Jeremy hanna screenshot 00

Still from the final film

Jeremy hanna screenshot 01

Still from the final film

Jeremy hanna screenshot 03

Still from the final film