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Ghost in the Shell - Kuze 03

This was the approved look for Kuze for several months. Michael Pitt's subsequent casting led to a number of redesigns as he became more involved with the character. The idea here was that his synthetic body is failing him, each component slowly losing cohesion with the whole due to his unsuccessful shelling procedure. The only original 'skin' he managed to keep is on his upper face, while the rest of his body is either patchworked from the skin of scavenged droids, stripped away to reveal the pale 'smart dermis', or dismantled further exposing the musculoskeletal system he shares with the Major. White 'circuitry' fluid would leak from the splitting panels - mimicking tears or unhealed wounds.

As his human likeness falls away, he would preserve and express his humanity through other means; painting, poetry, music... That contrast was always something we tried to come back to. He's broken, ugly, and decrepit; yet somehow also vibrantly beautiful.

Jeremy hanna kuze front jh
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