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Ghost in the Shell - Kuze 02

This was a mood piece / costume design for Kuze. Kurt and Bart, the film's costume designers, had some cool ideas around combining translucent plastic and fur to accentuate Kuze's discordant style; he's broken but somehow artfully beautiful. I always liked the idea of how these materials could play in silhouette in Kuze's early, mysterious appearances. Backlit, there would be sharp pockets of vibrant red as the light is transmitted through the plastic, contrasting with the fur's soft, raggedy edge.

We were also thinking that Kuze would swap out panels of synthetic skin, and maybe even entire limbs as his body continues to lose its cohesion and break down. In this image, Kuze has swapped out his hand for a low-tech ball-jointed version of female proportions, with scavenged skin panels from discarded bots.

Jeremy hanna kuze 02