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Ghost in the Shell - Hacking Device

We spent about a year working on GITS at Weta Workshop - heaps of fun! I'm looking forward to sharing more work as we get the go ahead.

This is a device used by the Major to perform a 'deep dive' into the hacked Geisha's body in order to uncover more information about the cyberterrorist they're chasing. I thought it'd be cool to see those blue switches popping like fuses as the dive is compromised.
This is riffing on a lot of the shape language originated by Vitaly Bulgarov and Maciej Kuciara, who both put out a constant stream of phenomenal work throughout the project.

Jeremy hanna weta workshop design studio 1843 hanka hacking device 05 jh wwd
Jeremy hanna hanka echo box splitter 02 jh